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LightCivitas helps you maximise your time on social media by making it easier to network and generate revenue in the lighting industry. 

We focus specifically on the lighting industry, rather than a broader community for all businesses, to help you get the most out of your time spent online. 

In addition to helping reduce unproductivity, we also strive to add value for  your career or business.

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Who You Can Network With

LightCivitas is a social marketplace that allows members of the global lighting community, including individuals, institutions, and organisations around the globe to network seamlessly. 

Anything and everything you can think of within the lighting industry is put together on a single platform to transform the way you network. 

Members and stakeholders along with professional networkers come together on LightCivitas to share knowledge, exchange views, network and explore business collaborations for both personal and professional purposes. Some of our stakeholders of the lighting community include researchers, academia, students, customers, manufacturers, product designers, lighting designers, architects, interior designers, sales partners, service providers, students, photographers, policymakers, and so much more! 

What to Expect From Our Marketplace

One of the greatest benefits of joining the LightCivitas marketplace is how quickly it can help you grow your business.  

Once in our marketplace, you can buy and sell all sorts of products related exclusively to the lighting industry on our platform. Best of all, we never take a commission, ensuring that our sellers get 100% of each transaction.  

On our marketplace, you can trade everything, and anything, related to the lighting industry including the following: 

  • Lamps
  • Power Supplies
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Lighting Poles
  • Components, Parts & Accessories
  • Tools 
  • Manufacturing Machines 
  • Test & Measuring Equipment 
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • Material Handling Equipment 
  • Storage Systems 
  • Industrial Furniture 
  • Consumables

All sales are commission free! Buy and sell.

Find Jobs Easily

Another benefit of LightCivitas is our job marketplace! Employers can post job openings on our platform and job seekers can connect with positions that are a good fit for their skills. Our symbiotic platform makes it easier than ever before to find and apply for jobs in the lighting industry. 

How LightCivitas Works

Become A Registered Member 

For a limited time only, you can join LightCivitas and become a member for FREE! You’ll get access to all of the features listed here and so much more.

Monetisation - Earn Points - Convert Them Into Cash

Once you become a registered user, you can start to earn points and engage in all your favourite networking activities on our platform. After each activity, you earn points. Those points can be converted to a wallet and be withdrawn for money to sites like PayPal or used as credit for multiple features on our platform. 

You can earn points by:

  • Adding a New Post
  • Commenting on Other’s Posts
  • Reacting to Any Post Shared on the Site 

It’s just that easy!

Our marketplace is the easiest place to buy and sell all kinds of lighting-related products, accessories, parts, components, machines, etc. The best part is, we never take any commission! Shop and sell with confidence, on LightCivitas.

Members Share Content & More 

Post and share your images, videos, audio files, document files, articles, blog posts, stories, events and so much more on our comprehensive platform. You can also create your own pages, groups, and events and even conduct online polls using LightCivitas. 

Targeted Ads 

Our comprehensive ad system also makes it simple to create your own ad campaigns for your products and services. Simply select your target audience and use our multiple filters to start the bidding process after you set the campaign budget. 

Affiliate Program 

Become an affiliate of LightCivitas and get more traffic and generate more revenue through our platform. Reach out to us to learn more about our affiliate program. 

Live Streaming 

Want to live stream to your audience? LightCivitas makes it possible! You can easily make video and audio calls and go live with real-time comments thanks to our live streaming features. We also offer advanced chat options including typing status and ‘seen’ notifications.

Why Join LightCivitas?

No other platform like LightCivitas exists! 

We are uniquely exclusive to the lighting industry. 

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LightCivitas is the place to be for networking and revenue generation for the global lighting community!

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LightCivitas is unique in that we make it easy to generate revenue. Registered users can earn points while engaging in networking activities on our platform. From there, those same points can be converted to a wallet and be withdrawn or used as credit for other purposes including to pay for our Pro plans or to be used for ad spending.