Community.  Conversation.  Connection.

Light Civitas is an online community of lighting professionals and enthusiasts looking to up their game, build their network, develop skills and grow their businesses.

At Light Civitas, we are more than a team of lighting industry advocates and enthusiasts:  We are impassioned community builders and seekers of possibility within our niche industry.  Eager to help advance the causes of our community, we believe that through collaboration and communication, Light Civitas can help shape the trajectory of the lighting industry over the next decade and beyond.

Who We Are

We are a platform for movers and shakers within the lighting industry, as well as those seeking to pursue a career in lighting. From college students looking to learn more about a future career or an established lighting professional eager to make new connections, our online social network and marketplace is a one-of-a-kind space to grow your knowledge, create partnerships, and maximize your potential reach.  Wholly unique and the first of its kind, Light Civitas is changing the way people view the Lighting industry.

Where We Started

Light Civitas is proudly based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, and is an offshoot of our parent company, GLT INDIA. From our inception in early 2020, our goal has always been to provide lighting professionals, advocates, students, and enthusiasts with the experience, education, information, and global exposure they need to get the most out of this rich and vibrant profession.  From the beginning, we viewed this platform as a way to help the global lighting community come together on one platform, providing ample opportunities for networking and collaboration for personal, professional, and business pursuits. 

Today, Light Civitas is aiming to help all the stakeholders of the global lighting community viz., Manufacturers, Brands, Customers, Vendors, Specifiers, Sales partners, Service providers, Independent product designers, Lighting studios, Researchers, Students, Employees, Industry associations, Publications, and all other lighting enthusiasts to maximize their global audience and expand their horizons through targeted networking,  high-level industry expertise, and a community of lighting enthusiasts with a passion for the work.

What We Do

From promoting your business to improving your skills.  Seeking a new opportunity to networking with potential partners or collaborators.  Sharing vital information to offering powerful advocacy for the industry.  No matter what your passion or your focus, Light Civitas is here to connect you with the minds and the voices within the lighting industry who share your dedication and commitment.   We have built a platform for anyone looking to become a part of the lighting community to take part. Through our online Marketplace, you can buy and sell anything related to lighting. With the Jobs section, up-and-coming lighting experts will find their next career move. Light Civitas also prioritizes a healthy work/life/fun balance in our members, offering a place to play games and watch movies in a collaborative environment with others in the lighting industry.

Join the Community.  Make a Difference.  Leverage your Voice.

By joining our Pro Membership, you will have access to exclusive offerings, such as Jobs, Events, and the online Marketplace. It’s a bonus for those who are invested in the future of the lighting industry. 

Light Civitas is here to help the lighting community come together in one place. We are building an opportunity to grow, learn and have fun while being focused on the mission of furthering the lighting industry as a group.